Monday, 25 May 2015

Roulette Millionaire

Android App

Jan H van Niekerk

The main aim of this Android app is to assist you and to guide you on where, when
and how much to bet, while you play European Roulette.

I am sure you must have heard about this method, to wait for a column and/or row
that has not been selected for a number of spins, before you bet on it.

Well, this app will do the calculations for you.

It will display how much you have to bet, where and when.

The success of this app depends on placing your bet only on the columns and/or rows,
using the same monetary UNIT throughout (50p, £1, £5, $1).

Every time you win, you will ONLY win the equivalent UNIT.

When a column and/or row has NOT been selected for a number of spins, the probability
that it would be next, becomes greater with every spin.

To run the app, you are encouraged to set the number of spins you
wish to wait for a column and/or row NOT to be selected.

Enter the number in the space provided, and press the 'S' button.

Thereafter, press the buttons representing the areas, as they appear on the table below.

Continue recording the spins until the location where to bet appears in green. The number indicates how many UNITS to bet on that column and/or row.

To order the app, send me an email, pay via PayPal and I'll send you the app.

USD 10.00  (£6.00)

Install it on your phone, enjoy and start making MONEY!!!

Thank you.

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